31.05.2003 - PNG...

I'm very big in Papua New Guinea, apparently...

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30.05.2003 - Understatement...

Before being sent down for three and a half years, Damian Jones' counsel said "He recognises the difficulties he has with his temper and fully accepts he overeacted on this occasion."

This was having whipped an Asian doctor with a dog lead, repeatedly calling him "a black bastard."

It makes you want to spit bile.

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29.05.2003 - Mmmmm..?

Perhaps he could have done with one of these..?

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28.05.2003 - Eat your way to the top...

What foods are likely to increase your brain power? With the exam season upon us, the supermarket Tesco have reported that sales of certain foods have soared in towns with large universities and colleges.

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27.05.2003 - Kronprins Frederik...

A few days ago Diamond Geezer speculated what sort of blogs would be written by God, the Prime Minister and the Queen. Well here's the Danish Crown Prince's website; not a blog exactly but a somewhat more open and honest approach than we could ever hope for from our royals. Quite a cutie too...

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26.05.2003 - A return to etiquette...

I watched a group of lads at the pub last night; they all shook hands when a group of their friends arrived. Some who were seated stood up for the greeting. It wasn't formal or stiff but warm and welcoming. I've noticed this happening more and more among the hettie twenty-somethings.

In my day you just said, "Hi..!" and perhaps gave a little wave. Up until quite recently that is what everyone in my circle did. In an informal situation I'm always momentarily taken aback when a hand is extended to shake my hand - it's not something I'm used to.

So why this return to a more formal etiquette? I think it may have been popularised among young afro-caribbean males. The rap movement has produced a number of exotic manual greetings and I believe that this has given rise to the re-acceptance of hand shaking as a normal and everyday greeting.

It's lovely to see such formalities come back into fashion and I'm sure Emily Post would approve.

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25.05.2003 - Le Royaume Uni, nil point...

It was the UK's worst performance in the Eurovision Song Contest's 58 year history. Was it really such a crap song or was Europe expressing its displeasure at the arrogance we've displayed regarding the war in Iraq? Tony Blair has a lot to answer for..!

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24.05.2003 - 40 years on...

Back in the 1960's when I was a kid in school, I imagined that the 21st Century would be clean and disease free. Food would consist of a pill you popped, satisfying all your nutritional needs, and housework would be something that was taken care of by a robot as it silently swept along all your wipe-clean, modular surfaces.

Much has changed since then. Mine was a world of slide rules and tinned food where computers were the size of rooms and phone numbers were three digits long if you were lucky enough to have one. Music came in three speeds and the closest we got to a designer label was St Michael.

Indeed much has changed but much remains the same; regretably I don't have a robot to clean the flat and food, thankfully, is not a tasteless pill popped once a day. Sadly the 21st Century is dirtier than it was 40 years ago and, for all our sophistication and technological advances, we live in a world that is far from free of disease.

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23.05.2003 - Life...

There is no blog today as I'm getting a life. You can amuse yourselves by clicking on the blogs listed under the section entitled browsing on the side bar.

Thank you...

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22.05.2003 - Heart of the matter...

From his research, Dr Erik Giltay reports that men who undergo a sex change are less likely to develop heart disease.

I think I'll just stick to the bowl of muesli every morning and the occasional bike ride...

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21.05.2003 - Shut up, Kim...

Dr Kim Howells, UK film minister, is no stranger to controversy; in 2002 he thrust himself into the limelight when he described modern art as "cold, mechanical, conceptual bullshit".

Now he's back and this time it's the movie action hero he's gunning for. Mindful of the decline in American tourists to Europe and particularly to Britain, he announced, "One would assume they would have the balls to do a simple thing like... fly to Europe and set an example for the rest of the nation." The trigger for this outburst was when Tom Cruise pulled out of a visit to the Cannes Film Festival due to filming commitments in New Zealand.

It doesn't take much to get him going, does it?

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20.05.2003 - Vicious...

A wonderful interview by the Guardian's Simon Hattenstone with a rather uncooperative Lou Reed.


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19.05.2003 - What's that stench..?

You're a big company and you've got something to sell. And when you advertise that product you want as many people as possible to buy into it. The last thing you want to do is alienate some of your potential customers. Right?

Has anyone seen the new Lynx ad: Men's sweat only attracts other men. Is that really what you want? David at Swish Cottage flagged it up earlier last week. It hasn't been picked up by The Commercial Closet yet but I guess it's only a matter of time.

Perhaps I'm being too sensitive. Perhaps I'm missing the point but Lynx has started to smell quite strongly of of homophobia.

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18.05.2003 - Conversations overheard at work...

Him: Then I'll get my hair done a week before the wedding.
Her: You sound like a bitch.
Him: Me?
Her: Yeah, women say things like that.
Him: Just because I like to look good.
Her: I think you could be bi.
Him: What?
Her: Without knowing it.
Him: Fuck off.
Her: Yeah, half and half, you know... rice and chips.

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17.05.2003 - Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Rageh Omaar...

Rageh, Rageh, Rageh...

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16.05.2003 - Remember, you are not alone...

The John Jenkins saga continued over at Trash Addict yesterday. Lubin thought that he was alone in getting an e-mail from Mr Jenkins. Indeed, so did I. How many other bloggers has he written to protesting his innocence? Perhaps we could start an I've been e-mailed by John Jenkins webring.

Would you like to be in John Jenkins' ring? He's not homophobic; he's "a traditional neo-conservative liberal" and he loves and respects queers everywhere.

In the meantime, lets all sing...

I'm sorry Ms. Jenkins [OOOH]
I am for real
Never meant to make your Johnny cry
I apologize a trillion times...

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15.05.2003 - The end is nigh...

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end.

Well, it is according to Japan's Panawave cult.

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14.05.2003 - Sand in the vaseline...

On Monday Ian over at the excellent comatose wrote about Channel 4's 100 Worst Britons We Love To Hate.

Ian mentioned that he was surprised to see Peter Tatchell on the list; he didn't think that so many people took that much notice of him. "He always seems to have a handy cause to rant about at a second's notice but I pretty much sympathise with his view on most of them," he added. I'm inclined to agree. Tatchell maybe an irritation but perhaps we should be grateful for this grain of sand in the vaseline.

Read more about the man here.

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13.05.2003 - Mr President...

Oh dear! It seems Claire Short isn't the only one accusing Tony of behaving like a president, ignoring and over-ruling the cabinet. Just look at the wide-ranging exemptions he's accused of insisting on in new equal rights legislation designed to combat harassment and bias in the workplace on grounds of sexuality or religion. It seems that any employer "with an ethos based on religion or belief" will be allowed to fire lesbian and gay workers following Tony's personal intervention.

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement are arguing that the move would institutionalise homophobia in a way that "makes Section 28 look like a tea party". Evan Harris, the Liberal Democrats' equality spokesman, agreed with this view saying that these exemptions would actually weaken current employment rights of gay men and lesbians by institutionalising in law justifications for discrimination.

Ms Short said yesterday in her resignation speech, "There is no real collective responsibility because there is no collective - just diktats in favour of increasingly badly thought through policy initiatives that come from on high." Compare that with criticism of exemptions in the 2003 Employment Equality Regulations following direct intervention by Downing Street. Apparently a Whitehall source said the decision was made "at the highest level" and that Barbara Roche, the Equalities Minister, had been overruled.

So, President Blair, please explain to this one time card carrying Labour Party member, why I should vote for New Labour in the next election?

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12.05.2003 - To John Jenkins...

Thank you for your comment on my post for March 13th. I have reproduced it below in full. Hidden in the comments for a post I wrote nearly two months ago does not give your response the prominence it deserves.

Firstly, Mr Jenkins, if I have written anything about you which is not true, then please let me extend my apolgies to readers of this blog and especially to you. It has never been my intention to mislead anyone, especially where matters as sensitive as those around sexuality are concerned.

My blog for March 13th, which asked the question Which prejudices should we tolerate? was indeed based on the BBC's story about your resignation. If, as you claim, the BBC and The Western Mail misled their readers by lifting your remarks out of context and knowingly misrepresenting your views then surely they should be held accountable for such a malicious act. They should be persued for a formal response on a matter which, evidently, still causes you some upset. The fact that your own party so readily accepted the BBC's story must be of no comfort to you either.

You are quoted in the BBC's article as saying, "The views expressed were made to stimulate debate and were not my own." If your intention was merely to try to stimulate debate by quoting homophobic remarks, you were playing with fire. Covert extreme right-wingers have used similar techniques in the past to get their reactionary views across but then hide behind the argument of "I was just trying to get people talking about these issues, I don't believe that myself." when accused of being racist or homophobic. I trust that this was not your position.

In your response to my post you make several points which need addressing.

You are quoted in the BBC's article as saying, "Because of the sensitive political issues involved, more consideration should have been made by me as not to cause offence." I could not agree more.

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11.05.2003 - Some things you might like to try...

Whilst recovering from the excitement at the discovery that the plastic Pringles box lids are a perfect fit for most food tins, I offer some morsels for your digestion:

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10.05.2003 - Duncan Alexander, Son of William, Handsome Homosexual from Wales...

I hate those internet How Gay Are You? or Which Simpsons Character Are You? You know the type of thing; you waste 10 minutes answering a series of questions, none of which apply to you, to find out that you're 53% gay and you're closest to Lisa Simpson. But then, you knew that all along...

Well here's a few such annoying games, What's Your Ancient Welsh Warrior Name? (I'm Dunarllale ap Gwilym y Glainhomosexual o Gymru) and How Welsh Are you? (I scored 40%).

It's all utter nonsense and a mindless waste of time.

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09.05.2003 - I've had 18 straight whiskies. I think that's the record...

Dylan Thomas has kept Y Ddraig Goch flying for many a year with his lyrical, angry, cruel and funny verse. Remembered for such poems as Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night and Fern Hill and his play for voices, Under Milk Wood.

Loved by the Americans and Welsh alike, not so fondly thought of by Laugharne residents who care to remember him; he died after slipping into a coma following a drinking binge in New York nearly 50 years ago. The cause of death is hotly disputed and medical negligence is nowadays oft cited.

Whatever you think, this BBC site about him is worth a visit.

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08.05.2003 - Hughie Green...

I'd only been in work for about an hour yesterday when I started to feel quite nauseous. I'd been feeling a little "off" since Tuesday lunchtime to be honest. I left the building for a breath of fresh air but quite soon I could feel rumblings down below. In no time at all the contents of my stomach were slopping around the pan of one of the downstairs loos that I just about made it to. I looked and felt a bit green for another hour or so and then went home.

It comes as no surprise that the internet is awash with spew in all its forms. There's the tasteful ratemyvomit.com, a lovely article on dinosaur vomit for the more erudite reader and, if you were feeling OK up to this point, try this - 9 out of 10 bulimics who expressed a preference swear by it.

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07.05.2003 - Gliterati...

Margaret Atwood, Don Delillo, Graham Swift, Germaine Greer, Bill Bryson, Steve Jones, Tony Benn, Van Morrison, Alison Moyet, Edward Said, Queen Noor of Jordan and a representative from Al-Jazeera are all taking part in The Hay Festival.

About 75,000 people are expected to attend this year's events which run from 25 May to 1 June at Hay-on-Wye on the Welsh/English border.

One day they may invite a famous blogger along, you never know...

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06.05.2003 - Testing times...

To qualify for membership to Mensa you have to have an IQ which places you in the top two percent of the population.

Wales did spectacularly badly in the BBC's straw poll measure of intelligence, Test The Nation. We came bottom of the pile with an average IQ of 103.

I'm going to found an organisation open to people with an IQ in the bottom two percent of the population. I'm going to call it Densa.

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05.05.2003 - Autoblogging...

With Windows Automotive I could blog as I drive to work everyday. Of course, I'd have to learn to drive first...

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04.05.2003 - Where there is discord, may we bring harmony...

1979. Jimmy Carter was in the White House and the UK had suffered industrial unrest through the depths of what became known as The Winter of Discontent.

In January of that year Brenda Spencer, had shot and killed eleven of her school friends; when asked why she had done it, she replied, "I don't like Mondays".

Sid Vicious had died in February from an overdose and the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini had returned to Iran from exile in Paris.

In March there was an accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear station near Middletown, Pennsylvania as the Unit Two reactor almost reached melt down after losing cooling water and Airey Neave, Tory spokesman on Northern Ireland was murdered by Irish terrorists.

In April the Yorkshire Ripper had claimed his 11th victim in Halifax, the 51st Academy Awards gave the best picture Oscar to The Deer Hunter and Idi Amin was deposed as President of Uganda.

The radio was playing Boys Keep Swinging, Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick and Heart of Glass. And me, I was 16, had never been kissed and I was about to sit my O level exams.

It's 24 years to the day that we welcomed in our first female Prime Minister. If we'd only known what lay ahead...

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03.05.2003 - Why do you have to go on about being gay all the time..?

I'm not the only one to notice how many queer strands have presented themselves in the media this week. Muller Yoghurt, the British National Party, The Church and The Mafia; Lubin over at Trash Addict has stylishly plaited a few of them together in yesterday's blog, homosexual panic.

Other queer strands that have presented themselves this week are numerous. Via East/West There's the UN failing to vote on a resolution to add "sexual orientation" to their definition of discrimination. Brazil and 19 other nations co-sponsored a resolution calling on member states "to promote and protect the human rights of all persons regardless of their sexual orientation." Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia - delayed the vote and introduced amendments designed to kill it, saying it did not reflect Islamic values. The US, defender of human rights the world over, took a nuetral stance throughout.

In the US the House of Representatives passed a $15 billion Aids bill, but only after it contained a clause guaranteeing that a third would go to programmes that preached abstinence. Why you didn't think they'd be seen to condone sex do you?

Hip New York lesbians are calling themselves boys. Stephanie Theobald in her Guardian article ponders "if a girl can now be a boy and cheese can now be vegan, then maybe the chair I was sitting on was a teapot."

I received an e-mail this morning from Houston King which began, As one of the gay community’s best-known bloggers... Naturally I sat up and took notice. So who's Houston King? Well, he's the producer of The Trip, a film which opens in New York next Friday. What's interesting is that bloggers are being targeted as an important link in promoting this picture. I don't think that has been done before. And remember, flattery gets you everywhere...

The Trip
Opens May 9th, 2003 at the Quad Cinema (34 W. 13th Street)
Pre-launch party
May 7th, 2003 at Urge (33 2nd Ave) from 9pm onwards

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02.05.2003 - Old loyalties...

Labour gains in Wales but is it enough? Me? Time was when I would not have given a second thought to it as a paid up member of the Labour Party. Times change and yesterday I voted Plaid Cymru.

Here's a rather nifty interactive map to play with.

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01.05.2003 - Rose tinted...

With summer just around the corner take a look at this site about Swansea and the Gower. The perspective's definitely rose tinted and not how I remember it from my childhood - but then it is aimed at the tourists. It's a nice part of the world but wild horses wouldn't drag me back to live there ...even with Catherine and Michael as neighbours.

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